Celebrations of Life

We humans seem to be born with the drive to celebrate the great passages of our lives with formal ceremonies: birth, marriage, death, divorce, illness and recovery, coming of age, life changes. If we’re not conventional church members, we may feel we have no real place to turn to have our life celebrations recognized with respect, joy, and dignity.

I work with you to create a ceremony or celebration that is as informal and personal – or as formal and traditional – as you wish and as you need. I will ensure you and your loved ones feel welcome and able to be spiritually engaged.

I offer the following ceremonies and celebrations (and please ask me for special needs):

  • Baptism and Naming – welcoming a child or adult into life and community in God.
  • Marriage – celebrating the love and commitment of any adult couple.
  • Separation / Divorce – hallowing and healing the wounds of two who are no longer one.
  • Healing Services – lifting up our wholeness amidst our brokeness.
  • Reconciliation – discovering God’s grace as a bridge across our fractured relationships.
  • Funerals / Memorial Services – cherishing the gift of a life shared.
  • Home Blessings – claiming our homes as sacred space, where God is welcomed.
  • Blessings for our Animal Companions

I also offer the Eucharist/Communion for groups and the homebound, as well as the ministry of prayer.