Paranormal Investigation

We have forgotten that the physical world we see around us is not all there is. The Christian Wisdom Tradition reminds us that the physical world is just one facet of Creation, along with non-physical realms and unseen beings. For many of us these other realms are a natural part of daily life – bringing occasional visitations and messages from a deceased relative or saint, having a poltergeist in the house or elves in the garden, or being born with the Sight. Until the modern era, clergy commonly were called in as the experts to address paranormal phenomena (hauntings, curses, possessions, etc.), and healing the balance between the worlds.

I grew up in a haunted house. I know the emotions you may go through: fear, anxiety, not knowing what to do to feel┬áthat you have control of your own living space. Wondering what friends and neighbors will think if you tell them about it. I know how few places you can turn. Most clergy today have no experience, no training, no belief in the Unseen. Or worse, lacking the training and ability to ‘discern the spirits’ they attribute everything to demonic forces.

I have 45 years’ experience with many different kinds of paranormal events. I have 35 years’ training in investigating and working with paranormal phenomena. A key to investigtion is to discern when something is truly paranormal, or when it may instead be something naturally occurring in the environment. The good news is that most paranormal activity is not physically harmful.

I work in a dignified and discreet manner to investigate, identify, and work with you to resolve many of the common┬áparanormal phenomena that occur in our lives. I don’t claim to be able to do it all. But in most cases I can make a difference.

I do not charge for this ministry: I ask that you commit time or money to a recognized charity.