Spiritual Direction

A damaging perspective that has roosted in the rafters of the Christian Tradition for many centuries is that we are somehow spirits who have temporarily put on flesh – which we will thankfully slough off again at death. This is not the deepest Christian Wisdom, which knows that our souls, spirits, and bodies entwine in a single whole. This physical life is a gift, and is the precise time and place to meet and journey in God. Understanding that we are embodied lives opens us to a fresh perspective on what it means to tend the soul.

The way we learned to pray as children is too often the way we still think about the life of prayer as adults. The goal of spiritual direction is to discover the aspects of mature spirituality – which is another way of saying an adult relationship with God.

Ancient monastic teaching reminds us: pray as you can, not as you can’t. On this journey, we covenant to meet on a regular schedule, to learn ways to establish and deepen your practice of opening to God. Our time is dedicated to discussing the life stories that shape our days, raising questions and concerns, and reflecting together on difficulties or blocks in the life of prayer. We listen for and encounter God together.

We are all always beginners on the path of prayer. Spiritual direction is not a substitute for therapy – but often can provide an insightful synergy with therapy. I am happy to work in conjunction with your counselor or therapist if desired.

I charge a modest fee, on a sliding scale. Nobody is turned away for lack of funds.